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Hosted Email

Email Hosting & Collaboration

Syneteks hosting and collaboration options are designed to give your support team the tools they need to setup and deploy mailboxes quickly and easily regardless of budget. Leveraging our powerful McAfee email protection options, organizations can secure sensitive data, block threats, and maintain the overall security of hosted accounts. Choose between our SecureMail and Microsoft Exchange Platforms or create a hybrid environment. Each solution offers collaborative calendar and contact sharing functions to meet the increasing needs of small and mid-sized business.

SecureMail = Business Class Functionality without the Hefty Price Tag

Finally, all the features and functionality you’ve come to expect from your email system without the high price-tag. SecureMail from Syneteks is as simple to implement as it is to manage and use. Collaborate your contacts and calendar functions. You’ll only look like you’ve spent a fortune.

Microsoft Exchange with Partner Support Included

Tired of long hold times and inconsistent access to support. Syneteks understands that your time is valuable. Try out Microsoft Exchange today and enjoy our Partner Access Support & Syneteks knowledgebase @ no extra cost.

Take Back Control of the Customer Relationship

Choosing a hosting partner is important. Our Hosted Exchange and SecureMail solutions provide centralized management, support, and detailed customer invoicing. Quickly review and audit accounts on your terms

Reduce Costs with Flexible Hybrid Deployments

Not everyone requires the robust functionality of Microsoft Hosted Exchange. With Syneteks Exchange Hybrid options, admins can deploy the advanced collaborative features to the users that need them without overcharging for the basics.

For more information, pricing and a FREE 30-day TRIAL of the Syneteks Hosted Exchange solution, contact Syneteks at 888.757.3066 via email at support@syneteks.com, or submit an online inquiry.