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Email Encryption

With today’s online and mobile society, confidential data is always on the move and always at risk. With one innocent click, years of product research, valuable intellectual property, and billions of dollars in account data can be lost through a simple email message. Mitigate the risks by encrypting your mail messages with Email Encryption (Powered by McAfee). Our Security as a Service Solution helps organizations protect valuable information easily and economically, maintain a stronger business and comply with privacy regulations.

Secure Your Email Communications Easily

Protect your confidential outbound email without disrupting the day-to-day workflow of your employees with Email Encryption. The simple, cloud-based encryption secures confidential information delivery and helps your organization:

  • Encrypt outgoing email with minimal administration
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy and retention regulations
  • Integrate data loss prevention strategies

Ensure Confidential Information Remains That Way

Email has become critical to business communications, and, as a result, it ranks behind only portable storage devices as the top data leak. Email Encryption can help curb losses of company sensitive data with a solution that is easy to use by both senders and receivers and easy to administer.

Avoid Severe Consequences

The consequences of innocently forwarding confidential information can be severe, from significant fines to substantial business losses. You can avoid these consequences by implementing Email Encryption without any upfront investment in additional hardware or software.