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Are you concerned about obsolete equipment?

Move your IT and Communication services and application off of your always obsolete and vulnerable equipment. It is far too costly and risky to support your own environment.

Are you paying too much for phone services and only getting basic features?

Your business should be a flow of communication and information no matter where in the world you and your staff are. Calls from your home office should show your office presence, not your home number.

What happens to your business if you lose all your customers, or your financial data, or an employee embezzles $50,000?

All of these have happened many times. Security and disaster prevention comes in many forms. From email spam and virus blocking to full system off-site backups, we have a full set of solutions for your business.

Plus Many more Business Services!

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Protecting your business has never been so easy!

Syneteks offers a variety of services for all sizes of business, no matter what size of business you have Syneteks can customize a service package that fits your needs.
Let Syneteks take the burden of IT and Communications management so that you can fully focus on the things that will make your company truly successful.


Let’s take a look at our most popular services

Syneteks delivers professional services for all types and sizes of business.

Voice Systems


IT Support


Cloud Services


Web Development


Finally, professional services that allows businesses to grow!

Syneteks tailors service packages for all types and sizes of business and industry.

First Line of Defense

laptop-homepageEmail threats have become even more aggressive and dangerous over the last few years. Basic spam filtering is no longer enough to protect businesses from the assault of today’s email threats. Built on award-winning technology, Intel’s McAfee branded Email Protection Suite is the first and most important step in keeping your messaging system clean and working. Intel’s Email Protection Suite is a true multi-layered defense platform with built in Global Threat Intelligence.

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 Syneteks understands how hard you have worked to find and retain your client base. You will always feel in control and your clients will always receive the best service possible.